The result of an unfortunate merger of human and a being of the Withering, the Fallen are a particularly vexed offshoot of humanity. They exist in shadows, doing their best to not be noticed, as since the Night of Illumination, anything to do with the Withering has been particularly hunted. Many Prometheans will shoot a Fallen on sight, convinced the taint they carry within must surely drive them to wickedness. But despite this, the truth is that the Fallen are just as free as any other person to choose their own destiny.

Fallen are always either painfully pale, or extremely dark in complexion. They do not have other distinguishing characteristics, but they are surrounded by an aura of “wrongness”. People are instinctively uncomfortable around them. They inherit from their Withering ancestors an inherent physical toughness, owing to the harsh climes of the Withering. They are less concerned with temperature extremes. They also have near perfect sight in the dark.

Fallen character traits

  1. starting d6 in vigor
  2. darkvision
  3. +2 to rolls vs. environmental effects
  4. Outsider (as the hinderance)
  5. Group Enemy – Prometheans(–4 Charisma when dealing with one
    other race)

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