Wyldlings are born of the Union of an Elf man with a human female. Mating with a human is a high crime for one of the fey, and is punishable by execution. For this reason, not many elf women carry a human’s child, for the obvious reason of being found out. Wyldlings are creatures of two natures and two worlds, blending into both but never quite being at home in either. They are looked at shamefully by Fey society, being tainted with human weakness. And most people who learn their nature give them the same general distrust saved for elves. It is for this reason that many Wyldlings hide the truth of who they are.

Wyldlings are always very attractive, inheriting their Fey lineages beauty. They also inherit the physical and mental grace of their supernatural parent. They are naturally in tune to magic, and become easy spellcasters. For all these gifts, they also suffer from the weaknesses of their heritage, though to a lesser extent. They find the touch of iron and steel very uncomfortable. They are also bound to be truthful, suffering great mental stress if they attempt to speak falsely.

Wyldling Package

  1. Attractive edge
  2. start with a d6 in agility and smarts
  3. +5 PP to Arcane Background: Magic
  4. Low light Vision
  5. Weakness: iron – being in contact with iron inflicts a level of fatigue. Iron weapons do +2 damage.
  6. Weakness: cannot lie – speaking a falsehood inflicts a level of fatigue that only recovers once the lie has been corrected.
  7. Arrogant

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